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Snorkel with Sharks Pembrokeshire

What will the day look like?

Blue Sharks in Pembrokeshire, Wales

We know from experience that the blue sharks are patrolling the Celtic Deep, around 30 miles offshore. We start sailing at sunrise!
The day will start at 7:00am at Milford Haven (see ‘getting here’ for more details). On your arrival, you will be met by our friendly crew members. It is important that you arrive on time and are ready to sail.

After around 90 minutes of leaving the harbour and the beautiful coastline, we will lose sight of the land, but there is still plenty to see within the two and half hours it takes us to reach the area of interest.

It is not uncommon for us to be escorted for part of the way by a pod of common and bottlenose dolphins and a multitude of seabirds. We have been lucky enough to have sightings of Minke, and Fin whales on our trips, Blue and Porbeagle sharks, sunfish and Bluefin tuna. Sightings of Orcas and Humpback whales have been reported in the area, however, they remain on our bucket list for now…

Once we have set up the boat’s drift and lowered the scent bags into the water, we sit and wait. The main aim is to attract Blue sharks to the boat.

Rest assured, there’s plenty to see and listen to whilst we wait. Once the engines are switched off, you can’t help but become immersed in the wildlife which surrounds us.

Ensuring that you have an enjoyable day is important to us; so is keeping safe and respecting the marine environment. Therefore, once we arrive at the dive site, a member of our team will provide a safety brief before you enter the water.

It’s also worth noting that there is NO phone signal or Wi-Fi where we’re going!

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These trips are strictly snorkelling trips.
You MUST bring and wear the following equipment:
A mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, dark-coloured and full-length wetsuit of at least 5mm, gloves and a hood.
A dry robe/large towel to keep you warm.
As with any boat trip, a hat, sun cream and polarized sunglasses are strongly recommended.


Minimum age

16 (with an accompanying adult)


All participants must be medically fit and complete a liability statement before entering the water.

Please inform us of any medical condition that you have that may compromise your and others’ safety.


You are expected to be comfortable and competent in the water.
Please appreciate that you will be in deep water, over 35 miles offshore – do not overestimate your ability. That being said, there is no pressure to enter the water and in fact, some of the best views can be had from the boat

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Good weather is essential for you safety, comfort and enjoyment, and the likelihood of seeing the sharks.
To avoid disappointment and cancellation, we will advertise trip dates on our social media sites close to the trip date (around 2-3 days prior to the trip).
You can also join our mailing list if you would like us to inform you when a trip becomes available to book.
Once you are booked on to a trip, we will confirm whether the trip will go ahead 24 hours prior to the booked date.

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Weather conditions

Due to the weather conditions required for this trip to run, we do not advertise more than a couple of days in advance. This is to ensure that we have the best possible conditions for your safety and enjoyment. Please join our mailing list, and as soon as we have suitable conditions to run the trip, we will email you.


Yeeeewwww. . I cannot express my gratitude enough as, i dont know the words to say. Absolutely mind blowing. Can't wait to get out again. great Skipper, Great crew, Great boat. really well organised (COVID) and safety paramount. I have some amazing footage of sharks in their natural habitat. will send across ASAP. Well done guys and a huge thank you.

thankyou for an amzing experiance... one that will NEVER be forgotten Thank you for allowing me to step out of my comfort zone with just a little gentle persuasion. Great crew and facilities, will be back