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Pembrokeshire boasts some of the best spearfishing grounds, not only in the UK but in the entirety of Northern Europe. The diversity found in the waters around Pembrokeshire will excite any spearfishing enthusiast, enticing them time and time again to take the plunge.

These trips will take you to areas hard to reach and rarely explored, with guides that know the haunt better than anyone.

Kelp forests teaming with life, where you’ll be competing with the resident curious seals that call the coastline home. Rock pinnacles that seem to go on forever will leave you speechless as you meander around them in search of that monster fish. The offshore islands are a magnet for a plethora of fish species with deep shelving ledges of kelp.

Watch out for the lobsters that already have their eyes on you, terrain which encompasses kelp, reef and sand that will make you wonder what kind of creatures are swimming alongside you.

The copious and diverse variety of fish found around Pembrokeshire means you could ping anything – from bass, pollack, flounder, plaice, mullet, bream to John Dory. Not only is the aim to sustainably catch fish using a speargun, we often pick up spider crabs, brown crabs, velvet crabs and lobsters and can cook them on board with a little salt, pepper and lemon, served with crusty bread… After all, that’s everything you need for a delicious lunch!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice, our guides will cater to all that are willing to give it a go. Our guides can explain and demonstrate correct and safe spearfishing practices and make your learning experience riveting and enjoyable.

Your level of experience and the day’s conditions will dictate what areas are suitable for you, and where you’ll have the best chance of catching your own lunch. Don’t worry – all areas we visit have a proven track record, and so full of excitement that it will make you want to immediately book your next trip!

Lastly, the purpose of these spearfishing trips, like all trips we run, is to educate and show people what the waters around Pembrokeshire offer. The philosophy of marine conservation is ultimately at the helm of all excursions and we must ask our guests to be respectful of the marine environment we are privileged to share. We kindly ask for all guests to be mindful when taking from the ocean and to respect all life we come across. Respect the ocean, and the ocean will give for years to come. Any poor etiquette will be brought up by our guides.

Full boat charters for 10 people start at £550 for the full day.


Minimum age

16 (with an accompanying adult)


All participants must be medically fit and complete a liability statement before entering the water.

Please inform us of any medical condition that you have that may compromise your and others’ safety.


These trips are strictly snorkeling trips.
You MUST bring and wear the following equipment:
A mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, dark-coloured and full-length wetsuit of at least 5mm, gloves, hood and spear gun.
A dry robe/large towel to keep you warm.
As with any boat trip, a hat, sun cream and polarized sunglasses are strongly recommended.


You are expected to be comfortable and competent in the water and follow the British Spearfishing Association Safety Booklet for your own safety and the safety of others.

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