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What will the day look like?
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Scuba dive in Pembrokeshire?

The day will start at our Milford Haven or Neyland base (see ‘getting here’ for more details) and you will be met by our friendly and helpful crew members.

Once everyone has arrived you will receive a full safety brief from a member of our team. We will spend time discussing the day’s itinerary with you and answer any questions you may have.

Then off we go for a full day of diving, which will generally consist of two dives.

Ensuring that you have an enjoyable day is important to us, but so is keeping safe and respecting the marine environment. Therefore once we arrive at each dive site a member of our team will provide a brief of the dive site including the topography, expected drift, hazards, marine life etc.

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Minimum age



All participants must be medically fit and complete a liability statement before entering the water.

Inform us of any medical condition that you have that may compromise yours and others safety.
You must be qualified to the seabed depth. Please bring your logbook.


We do not hire equipment. You must ensure that you bring everything you need and ensure it’s serviced and in good condition.
You may dive solo if you have an alternate air source (Pony bottle, Twin set, Bail out) and are competent to do so.

All divers must carry their own SMB.

Please check with us if you require nitrox as supplies can be limited during the high season.
Air fills are £4.00 per fill.
300 bar fills available £4.50
There is a fuel surcharge of £100 to go to the Smalls.

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Please be aware we do not offer a buddy service.

Find a Buddy

You could use the link on Facebook I Need A Dive Buddy UK if you are looking for a dive buddy.

Request a dive

Request a dive site on the day of your choice
The most recent being the BBC Wales’s upcoming “Wonders of the Celtic Deep” and the “The Green Planet.”
Due to weather, tides or lack of visibility we do not advertise where we will dive in advanced.
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To ensure that we offer the best diving Pembrokeshire has to offer we do not advertise the day’s itinerary in advance. The team will endeavour to fulfil people’s request to visit certain dive sites as much as possible. However, the day’s itinerary will be adapted to take into consideration the group’s ability, tide, visibility, hazards, weather and of course the wildlife present.
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