“The Customer” means the person, company or organisation booking a trip.
“Fee” means the cost of the boat trip as published on the Pembrokeshire Boat Charters website or otherwise agreed in writing.
1. Booking 
1.1 A booking will be provisional until Pembrokeshire Boat Charters receives the following:
a. Deposit or Payment as defined in Section 2.
b. Customer name, address, telephone number and (if possible) an email address
1.2 Upon receipt of the above Pembrokeshire Boat Charters will confirm the booking by email.
1.3 These Terms and Conditions of Booking apply to all bookings confirmed to a Customer by Pembrokeshire Boat Charters and by entering into a confirmed booking the Customer agrees to be bound by them (unless otherwise agreed in writing). We need to be informed if you have ‘new divers’.
2. Deposits and Payments 
2.1 GROUP BOOKINGS  – Payment must be made in full one month prior to the trip commencing.
2.2 INDIVIDUALS Full payment is required at the time of booking.
2.3 Other payment options by prior agreement ONLY.
3. Cancellation by the customer 
3.1 More than 4 weeks before the booked date then the Deposit is forfeit.
3.2 Less than 4 weeks before the booked date then 100% of the cost of the booking is forfeited.
3.4 If the customer requests an early return to shore then the full Fee is payable.
3.5 If the customer is unable to go on the day because of illness or unforeseen circumstances, at our discretion the deposit may be carried over to another suitable date.
4. Cancellation by Pembrokeshire Boat Charters
4.1 Due to bad weather either the day before, or on the morning of the trip, the customer has the option to receive a refund for price of the dive boat, or the booking moved to another suitable date. 
4.2 Due to illness, mechanical breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances, the customer has the option of the Deposit or Payment being returned in full or moved to another suitable date. In this case every attempt would be made by Pembrokeshire Boat Charters to find another suitable boat so the day would not be ruined. There is no guarantee another boat is available.
4.3 Pembrokeshire Boat Charters cannot be held liable for any loss incurred by the customer in arranging the trip if the trip is cancelled.
5. Weather 
5.1 Please contact us 36 hours in advance of ‘ropes off’ to confirm the weather conditions for the trip. 

5.2 If you turn up and the trip has been cancelled due to the weather conditions then we cannot be held responsible.
5.3 Our decision is final with regard to the weather but we do try our best to get you out if possible with due regard to safety and common sense.
6. Alcohol, Drugs and Safety 
6.1 No alcohol is allowed onboard and no alcohol can be consumed within a reasonable time frame before the dive (according to PADI rules).
6.2 Drug abuse or alcohol consumption will cause an immediate return to port.
6.3 Any injury or loss sustained on board must immediately be reported to the Skipper.
6.4 Children under 14 years old are only taken by prior agreement by Pembrokeshire Boat Charters.
6.6 Any medical conditions that might affect a customer during the trip MUST be reported to Pembrokeshire Boat Charters at the time or booking or before departure.
6.7 All divers are responsible for their own insurance policies and ensuring they have the correct qualification and experience to do any dives. If you are not sure then please ask us in advance.
7. Insurance and Legal 
7.1 These Terms and Conditions of Booking and all other express and implied terms of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
7.6 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions of Booking shall affect the rights of Consumers.
7.7 All clauses and sub-clauses of this Agreement are severable and if any clause or identifiable part thereof is held to be unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction then such enforceability shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions or identifiable parts thereof in these Terms and Conditions of Booking.