Snorkelling Trips

Celtic deeps blue shark

Snorkel With Sharks

Join us for the ultimate adventure, as we steam out 35 miles offshore into the Celtic deeps in search of Blue Sharks. It’s not all about sharks though: Be prepared to be amazed by the number and variety of animals which populate this area. 

Kelp Beds Pembrokeshire

Guided Spearfishing

Pembrokeshire boasts some of the best spearfishing grounds not only in the UK, but in the entirety of Northern Europe. Join us as we explore the kelp beds and pinnacles of underwater Pembrokeshire.

Shark Snorkel

Guided Snorkel Safari

George (our marine biologist) will guide you on an unforgettable snorkel. Mainly focusing on the seals and seabirds (guillemots, gannets and puffins, to name a few), which populate Pembrokeshire’s islands.

snorkel Experiences


Minimum age

16 (with an accompanying adult)


All participants must be medically fit and complete a liability statement before entering the water.

Please inform us of any medical condition that you have, that may compromise your and others’ safety.



These trips are strictly snorkelling trips.
You MUST bring and wear the following equipment:
A mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, dark-coloured and full-length wetsuit of at least 5mm, gloves and a hood.
A dry robe/large towel to keep you warm.
As with any boat trip, a hat, sun cream and polarized sunglasses are strongly recommended.